Junior Board

Junior Board of the Polish American Association was established in January of 2014 to expand the scope of services delivered to the Polonia by the Polish American Association (“PAA”). Its creation serves as a foundation to the new generation of leaders providing support to our community.


Junior Board adopted a program and established its goals for the current year. During the year of 2014, the Junior Board of PAA will join its resources to help educate the community regarding domestic violence and raise funds to support programs at the PAA assisting domestic violence victims. In addition, the Junior Board will establish a new relationship with the younger generation of Polish-Americans to encourage the youth to give back to the community and spark the giving spirit amongst them.

Contact Us

If you want to join the Junior Board of PAA or want to become a volunteer and help us with our events please contact us - just click HERE. Thank you for your support!

Junior Board Officers

Kamila Bączek
Sandra Musielak
Vice President
Tania Chwała
Vice President
Iza Florczak

Junior Board Directors

Agnieszka Ptasznik
Justyna Zucker
Marek Stawowski
Peter Policht
Janusz Nosek
Chris Malewicz
Kasia Kaczmarczyk
Marta A. Zaborska
Agnieszka Malicka
Michalina Maliszewska
Daniel Pogorzelski

Junior Board Members

Greg Bielowicz
Ela Buczynska
Ela Zborek
Grzegorz Florek
Marzena Mistarz
Iza Kantor
Ania Labno
Michael Kusz
Aleksandra Kusnierz
Przemyslaw Szumowski
Karolina Lewczuk
Victoria Bujny
Laura Rybaltowska