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Summer 2018

PAA Announcements

The 2019 Homeless Count

Every year on the presumably coldest night of January throughout city of Chicago a Point In time Homeless count is taking place. Polish American Association as one of the lead agencies participated in the annual count to obtain a “snapshot of Chicago homeless population which serves as basis for Federal funding for service and resource planning and to raise public awareness about homeless.. On January 24. 2019 between 9pm and 3am, 5 teams of 16 volunteers, amongst them our Alderman John Arena who joined us second time in row, ventured out in the bitter cold condition in search of homeless out on the streets. As of 3:05 AM total count of homeless individuals in our designated canvassing are was 15 .

We would like to thank all volunteers, All Chicago Team and Alderman Arena for their continuous participation and commitment in making this event possible.

PAA Announcement - 5.9.2018

The PAA has received a $25,000 grant from the Chicago Tribune Charities – Holiday Campaign, a McCormick Foundation fund. The grant will support the 2019 Employment Services and Vocational Training program that prepares students for Certified Nursing Assistant and Physical Rehabilitation Aide positions in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab facilities across Chicagoland.

Current employment listings

Our most employment job listings are available at


Free Employment Services for Chicago and Cook County Residents - We offer job search assistance and funding for vocational training to income eligible individuals and Unemployment Insurance (UI) recipients. Registration: 3819 N. Cicero Ave, Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm. Program Orientation: Tuesdays at 1pm. Information: (773) 282-1122 ext. 412


Our South Side office hours have changed, and are as follows:

  • Monday 9 am- 5pm, closed between 1pm-2:20pm
  • Tuesday – 9 am- 5pm, closed between 12pm-1:20pm
  • Wednesday 9am - 5pm, closed between 1pm-2:20pm
  • Thursday 9am - 5pm, closed between 12pm-1:20pm
  • Friday 9am - 3pm, closed between 12pm-1:20pm