Open Your Heart to the Homeless

At the PAA everyone knew Peter (name changed for privacy). Always happy, always smiling, eager to help the staff, guests, visitors, and neighbors. He was the maintenance person for decades and knew every little nook and cranny of our old buildings. You could always count on Peter, even at nights, on weekends or holidays, he always came running to help with whatever needed to be fixed, painted, glued or nailed together, cut, attached, or moved; from a light bulb to a burst pipe to a wobbly chair to locating another lost key to driving a VIP.

But Peter’s story was not always bright and sunny. He went through an extremely trying period and experienced homelessness and fought addiction. He was not a stranger to living on cold and cruel streets of Chicago. He lost everything and didn’t feel like he had one friendly soul on this earth. One cold night, which he was again spending on the streets of Chicago, he heard about the Turning Point, the Day Shelter for Homeless Men at the PAA. The next morning, he knocked on the door of the Shelter and enrolled in the Program. He completed and excelled at the Program. Later on he was hired at the PAA because not only did he excel at the Program but showed his incredible talent for knowing how to fix literally everything and to handle many maintenance requests from the 100+ PAA staff.

Peter openly admits that the help he received at the Shelter became his saving grace. It is his dream to keep the Shelter open for many more years and ready to welcome those struggling with homelessness.

Our main building at 3834 N Cicero Ave, where our Shelter is located, has to undergo a major renovation project mandated by the City of Chicago. The COVID-19 pandemic has not been gentle to nonprofits, including ours.
Despite all the difficulties the pandemic presented us with, we continued our services, always prioritizing our clients’ needs. Today we are asking you to help us fix our building the same way Peter fixed everything at the PAA. We will be posting pictures documenting the progress of the renovation project to show your generosity. Please help us get the building up to code so we can continue creating a loving and caring home for our homeless men.

Turning Point - Day Shelter For Homeless Men at the PAA