Apply to: (773) 427-6330 or (773) 427-6329

Category: Nonprofit
Department: Supportive Services
Location: Chicago and Suburbs
Job Type: Part Time

To apply please contact: (773) 427-6330 or (773) 427-6329

Job Description:

Position Summary: Responsible for providing general and personal assistance to elderly homebound clients. Will perform household chores, meal preparation, and provide dressing, grooming, and hygiene assistance as necessary. Follow the Plan of Care guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Aging for each client. He/she may be assigned new homemakers for on-the-job training.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning client’s house (kitchen, bathroom, sweeping, dusting)
  • Laundry- washing, folding, and putting away clothes
  • Planning, preparing, and serving nutritious meals
  • Shopping for food and household essentials
  • Assist in handling client’s basic financial transactions
  • Assist and supervise dispensing of client’s medication
  • Changing bed linens
  • Transferring the client from the bed, chair, toilet, etc.
  • Assisting with or giving the client a bath
  • Provide dressing and grooming assistance

Job Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated dependability and patience
  • Demonstrated willingness to work with the elderly and sick
  • Ability to drive to client’s residence
  • Possess a nurturing and caring disposition
  • Must be able to converse with clients in Polish

Job Relationships: Works closely with Program Coordinator and Supportive Services Director

Education and Experience: experience caring for the elderly and/or individuals with a variety of medical issues.

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to lift/move clients and provide physical support to and from chairs, bed, and bathroom facilities
  • Perform household tasks and personal assistance to clients, which involves bending, lifting, and walking up and down stairs.


Candidates must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19, before they are able to come in for In-Person interview.

Contact: (773) 427-6330 or (773) 427-6329